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Here at External Moling Services Ltd we're always on hand to help, on call 365 days a year to offer you the best possible service in water supply pipe repairs and replacements.

We offer the latest in moling (trenchless technology) to give you a fast cost effective solution to all your water supply needs specialising in the replacement of lead / steel and outdated water supply pipes.

In most cases we will excavate a single launch pit near to where the service connects to the main and then a pit every 12 meters thereafter, then the exit pit is made close to the property or where we need to make the connection. Our mole will then pass underground at the regulated depth, between the entry and exit excavations, creating a pipe shaped channel. Then we connect a draw wire to the suitable poly pipe and pull the new pipe back through the channel. We’ll then make all the necessary connections, test the installation and reinstate the excavations to it's previous state.

External Moling Services Ltd are WRAS approved groundworkers, each job we complete is self certificated with a WIAPS form and a copy left with you the customer and a copy sent to your water company to comply with water regulations.

With modern MDPE water supply pipes everyone can enjoy good quality water straight from the tap. Our efficient moling service will provide this with minimal disruption.

External Moling Services
External Moling Services

We have the moling technology that allows us to solve any water supply problems without any hassle for you. Our trenchless water pipe replacement technology means that you get a fast solution that will not require us to lift any of your patio or driveway.

New MDPE services can have a flow rate several times greater than traditional metal pipes or lead water supplys. So if you have low water flow or pressure call today to take advantage of our water supply pipe replacement using the latest in moling technology.

External Moling Services
External Moling Services

Improved water flow is beneficial as improved delivery to water dependent appliances will help reduce energy costs. Our lead pipe replacement service can increase your water flow by up to 60%

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