Lead Pipe replacement

Here at EMS we specialize in the replacement of lead supply pipes and lead water mains.

Unfortunately, many properties in the UK still have an underground lead supply pipe which over time can break down, this causes not only the pipework to leak, but also means small particles of lead could be getting into your drinking water.

By upgrading your lead supply pipe or lead water main, you could not only potentially increase your flow and pressure but also improve the quality of your water and reliability of your pipework.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain the supply pipe which brings water into your home from the external stop valve in the pavement. At EMS our helpful team will discuss all your requirements and provide you with a free quote for replacing your old lead supply.

We are a WIAPS approved contractor, meaning we are approved by the Water companies to install new water supplies and upgrade your old lead supply; all lead pipe replacements comply with UK Water Regulations and a WIAPS certificate is issued to yourself and your water company upon completion.

Lead pipe replacement Lead pipe replacement Lead pipe replacement

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